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3 Reasons Why You Need a 5-Year Plan

Part of adulting is having a game-plan. Sure, not everything in life can be planned, but most things can be. I have seen people here and there who go wherever the wind takes them, and not plan a thing. That works for them. But me on the other hand, I tend to be more strategic about my moves, It’s always best to be prepared, than to be frazzled and miss an opportunity. when there is no need to be. As the saying goes, ”
if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

  1. You’re not getting any younger!– While this may be a harsh truth, it is a reminder to take advantage of every day you are on this earth. You don’t want life to pass you by  without having accomplished the things that are most important to you. giphy
  2. Execute!- Having a written visual of your goals can be a great reminder and the push you need to get you to what you want. It is very easy to speak things that you want but often, if you don’t have a plan behind those words, they will stay only words. Your dreams can become deferred. Even if you don’t have something planned down to every second, that’s fine. It’s just good to get your ideas down, so you can see them and hold yourself accountable. There are so many wonderful tools available to guide you through your planning, just Google it! Or, if you want to be less informal use any old journal you have and just write!giphy1
    1. Helps with small goals!- Sometimes having a 5-year plan can be intimidating, but making your smalls goals along the way to help you get to the big end goal can helpful. Just view the 5-year plan as your end result and give yourself daily, monthly, and yearly goals. Once you start knocking out those daily and monthly goals it will give you the motivation to keep pushing to your final finish line!


Good luck and happy planning! What are some things you want accomplished in the next 5 years? Let me know in the comments!


30 Before 30 List

In a few short months, God willing I will celebrate my 26th birthday. In four short years I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. That is definitely a hard pill to swallow. But, I have an intricate plot of how to make the most of these next four years. I have made a list of things I want to accomplish before my “Dirty 30.”



  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

2. Detroit- Visit the famous Motown Musuem

3. Memphis- Beale Street

4. California-Disneyland 

5. Myrtle Beach South Carolina



6. Learn a new language

7. Get a Master’s

8. Learn to contour my face

9. Learn to crochet

10. Learn to knit

11. Read one new book each month

12. Learn to roller skate backwards

13. Learn a musical instrument

14. Work on my photography skills 



16. Pay off my student loans

17. Start a family

18. Buy a house

19. Pay off credit card debt

Go, See, Do 

20. Go to the Ellen Show 

21. Go wine tasting

22. Visit an art show or gallery

23. See a fashion show

24. Go Sky Diving

25. Go Ziplining

26. See R. Kelly in concert



27. Find a writing job/ career

28. Publish more books

29. Continue to grow Miss Ashley’s Anecdotes 

30. Become fully financially stable

Well, that’s all folks! Let me know in the comments about your 30 Before 30 plans!


Hello June😎

Well ladies and gents, we have officially made it to June. The year seems to be flying by! I feel like I was just writing New Year, New Me In that post I talked about goal setting, not only for the new year, but for every single day you wake up!

 My goals are coming along quite nice. In the past 6 months I bought a car, have been persistent with my blog, and learning new things to improve my writing as a whole! Although a couple of things I really wanted fell through, I’ve been able to pick myself up, dust off and keep going. Having prolonged pity parties is no longer an option for me, even though they are sometimes very inviting. Sometimes it is so easy to lay down and wallow in agony. But, the more satisfying feeling is conquering what you thought you couldn’t. I am no where near done with this year. I have a list of 3 more major goals that I am working on, and once I conquer them I can’t wait to tell you about them.

But enough about me, what about you? I am appointing myself as your accountability partner. What were your long and short-term goals for the year? What have you done to reach them? Have you reached them yet? If you have not, are you still working toward it?  Since we are at the halfway mark of the year, we have to make it a priority to not give up and keep pushing toward those goals. Don’t let your aspirations fall by the wayside, this is the year of accomplishment. So keep a planner, use your phone calendar, and stay organized! There are even goal setting and planning apps! Make the most out of each day. When you wake up try to have in your mind what you want accomplished by the time you go to bed. Remember, all talk and no action is not always successful! Faith without works is dead!

All goals and plans do not always go perfect. In that case, rework your plan, and re execute. Don’t lose sight of your end goal. You may have to detour but as long as your destination is the same it will be worth it. One of my favorite sayings is “Setbacks are setups for comebacks.” So whatever it is keep going, I’m sending you nothing but positive vibes in all your ideas and endeavors!

Let me know in the comments what your goals are and what you are up to! Speak it into existence!

New Year, New Me?

2017! A new year to most is the signal of a fresh start, an opportunity to reevaluate and make life changes. Although most people struggle keeping these changes going throughout the whole year, its not uncommon for most to use the phrase “new year, new me.” While I fully understand what this phrase means, I feel it’s more or less a pointless declaration. Simply for the fact that you shouldn’t need a new year to start improving yourself or realizing what areas of your life need growth. This should be done on a constant basis throughout the year! There is no better time than now to look at yourself and reexamine. Everyday you wake up, becomes your reset button to try to change something you didn’t like from the previous day. Each new day is a blessing to go out and conquer even more than you did the day before!

So don’t wait until December 31st to put a bunch of unrealistic expectations on yourself that will probably last a week, instead make a list of attainable goals. Construct a list of things that you want, that you know you can work toward. Having these goals visible to you will keep you motivated not only in the beginning of the new year but all the way to the following year.That being said Happy New Year! & Cheers to progress!