Miss Ashley’s Book Club

I am kicking off a brand new series! (Woo Hoo!) I read so many books, and I want to start sharing on the books I come across! I read everything from self-help, inspirational, urban-fiction, to biographies. I tend to find books by perusing through the library, Amazon, social media and especially through word of mouth.  With that being said, starting this month, I will begin posting on one book per month! To kick off the series, I will start with my most recent read…

Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me, R.Kelly


With R.Kelly making headlines this past summer for keeping a “cult” of women and with the even more recent headlines of his Atlanta home being robbed, it actually sparked my curiousity in him. It seems like most celebrities have biographical books these days. So, I did a quick Google search and up comes Soulacoaster. I’m sure we all have a favorite R.Kelly song or even album. The Chicago native happens to be one of my favorite artist to date, despite his very controversial past. I tend to make a point to try to separate the artist and their music, from the artist and their personal lives.

The book was a very interesting and enlightening read. There was a lot about his background and humble beginning. Especially, some daunting childhood events, that would have been difficult for many to overcome. He shares his stories of rising from a downtown Chicago street performer, to the superstar that we all know. R.Kelly’s career has held on for over two decades, and he shares many of his most personal stories of triumph as well as disappointment. But, spoiler alert, it does not go into depth about his past allegations or the Aaliyah scandal. So, if you are reading in hopes to get to the nitty-gritty, you should probably just sit this one out so you won’t end up disappointed.

Overall, it was an easy read and included numerous photos from different time periods throughout his life.  It’s pretty funny to look at the many changes he has made with his hair. My personal favorite was the 90’s bald head R.Kelly! The book does contain over 300 pages, but the print is large and the chapters are short, making it pretty easy to get through.

If you have read this book, what did you think!? Do you have any suggestions for next months book? Let me know in the comments! 


Netflix & Chill (Part 2)

Winter break was the biggest blessing I could have received for Christmas, it was absolutely priceless. I got a chance to fully recharge and rejuvenate. Instead of going out, drinking, or making myself even busier than I would if I were at school or work, I did absolutely nothing for close to three weeks and it was amazing. Sure, I saw close friends here and there, but truth be told Netflix became my best friend over the break. My biggest accomplishment was clearing out “My List” which has been jam-packed all 2017. Here is a list of the top shows I watched!

Kimmy Schmidt

Rating: 4/5


While this show is actually pretty dumb, and filled with so many corny jokes, it cracks me up. Main character Kimmy (Ellie Kemper), is an escaped member of a cult. As a former “mole woman” she spent all of her teenage years trapped in an underground bunker run by a man called “The Reverand.” The show follows Kimmy as she lives her life in New York with her roommate Titus (Tituss Burgess) and her landlady Lillian (Carol Kane). Kimmy is about 30 years old, but she dresses and acts like the young teen she was when she was abducted, adding to the humor.


Rating: 5/5


Although this movie was fiction, there were many traces of our current day society. Will Smith plays LAPD officer, Daryl who has been partnered with an orc, Nick (Joel Edgerton). In this futuristic film, there are humans, elves, orcs, brights, and others. The movie took a deep dive into societal race relations. There were several instances that clearly mirrored the racism in our current day society.

Stranger Things

Rating: 5/5 


This series follows a group of kids who have been forced into saving their world from an evil underworld. The children battle forces, monsters, and even undergo an exorcism performed on one of their friends. The series takes place in the rural town of Hawkins, Indiana. As you watch this series, you will grow attached to the characters and their story.

Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation 

Rating: 5/5


Chappelle makes a return with another set of comedy specials with Netflix, originally released on New Years Eve. He touches on everything from the recent Hollywood sexual assault scandal, Caitlyn Jenner, politics, and more. While there are a few dull moments, overall there were some good laughs.

Big Mouth 

Rating: 4/5


This show is full of crude and grotesque humor. If you are prude or easily offended, this show is not for you. Though the characters may be children, the show is not at all for children. It features vocies of Jordan Peele, Maya Rudolph or more. The show follows a group a children who are experiencing puberty with their “puberty monsters.” Their puberty monsters are guiding them through the tough transition of leaving childhood and exploring themselves and their growing sexuality.

What are your latest Netflix finds? Let me know in the comments!



There’s Beauty in the Struggle

It’s crazy to think that we are already 5 days into 2018! How many New Year, New Me posts did you see 👀. As always I am one for positive changes in life. Take this time to start thinking about how you want 2018 to play out,  and especially how do you want it to end. What are your goals and aspirations? All of this can be overwhelming but well worth thinking about and planning out. It’s never too early or too late to make changes where you see fit, to eliminate struggle and strife.

For a while now, I have been hearing an overload of, “Trust the process”, or “There’s beauty in the struggle,” and other sayings that are meant to be encouraging during tough times. Most realize sooner than later that, life is no fairy tale. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people all the time. You may work your butt off for things that you watch someone else effortlessly obtain. You may often even hear an overload of “You have to wait until it’s your time.” All of these sayings are meant to porvide support but, in all honesty, they irritate me.

There has to be a line between a struggle that is adding to your character versus an extended unnecessary struggle. Struggle should make you so uncomfortable that it propels you toward your goals and dreams. It should literally put  fire under you to make you work so hard to eliminate ever having to struggle. Next time you get comfortable thinking that your struggle will bring beauty, think of ways to obtain the beauty as quick as possible to end the struggle. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. As you head into this year, stay positive and strive ti eliminate struggle in as many areas of your life as you can.

Struggling is not fun, and there is much more to life than struggle. Remember, you don’t have to accept struggle! Let’s make this year one for the books. I wish you much success, prosperity, and the greatest vibes possible. 

Happy New Year & Cheers to 2018! 


Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

We are approaching the last shopping weekend for Christmas! This year has truly flown by! As many are probably finishing their shopping, I am positive there are many have not even started. Here are a few quick things I have come across that would make for great, quick gifts!

Gift Cards


The ever trusty, gift card! Gifts cards can now be found almost anywhere including Walgreens, Jewel, gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops,  and even e-gift cards are now offered through most websites for added convenience. A gift card can also take the stress out of finding the perfect gift, and give the person the power to pick their own gift on you.



There is nothing better than opening a card and having cold hard cash fall out. While this may seem like more of a dream than a reality the older you get,  cash be the best route for some people. Once again it eliminates the stress out of finding something that is just right, and lets the person pick their own gift.

Gift Buckets

I first came across this buckets on Pinterest. They really caught my eye because, they are pretty inexpensive but can be personalized to any person. You can even take a trip to the dollar store and fill up the basket with a persons favorite things.

Love Coupons 


Love coupons are the gift that keep giving. You can easily make them with construction or colored paper, markers, crayons, and anything else handy or colorful. Or if you’d like to take an easier route, there are several websites that offer love coupon generators, just type it into Google. On each coupon  write something personalized for the person you love. For example if your loved one is always complaining about having to was the dishes, make them a coupon that they can cash into you that you will wash the dishes for them. Or maybe one that volunteers you to cook breakfast or dinner. The love coupons are quick and easy and can essentially be free, but don’t put up a fuss when the person wants to cash in one of the coupons!



Another pretty easy thing for you to give, is your time. Esentially this gift although priceless is of great value. Getting wrapped up in daily life, it sometimes gets hard to think outside of yourself. But, if you can find time this holiday season, help out with someone who may be lonely or less fortunate. This kind gesture will go much farther than you know.

Remember it is always great to receive but the holidays are all about being selfless and giving to others! Happy Holidays! 


Top 5 Things to Do in Miami

I LOVE MIAMI! I love everything from the culture, to the food, the beaches, and especially the weather. I always feel so serene when I’m there. During my most recent visit, I tried some new things, as well as revisited some of my favorite must-visit spots.

  1. Wet Willie’s: This stop is absolutely necessary for those of you who enjoy slushee adult beverages to cool off from the heat. My absolute favorite is the “Call-A-Cab”, they boast that after you drink it you will indeed need to call a cab! While you enjoy your drink, you can enjoy the view of South Beach and Ocean Drive. filename-255305-3649314626396
  2. South Beach:  Grab your favorite swimming suit, and catch the sun on South Beach. Not only is there the beach, but there are many restaurants, small shops, and boutique hotels on Ocean Drive.thumb_IMG_0535_1024

    South Beach, Miami

  • Wynwood Art District: Wynwood is full of beautiful art. You can find many chill clubs, bars, unique restaurants and boutiques for quick shopping.

    Wynwood Art District

    Wynwood Art District
  • Miami Dolphins Football Game: Catch a Dolphins game at the Hard Rock Stadium. If you are from a cold climate like myself, sitting at a football game in sandals instead of a huge parka coat is quite a treat!

    Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots 12/11/17
  • Bayside Market Place: Bayside is ideal for doing many things in one place. You can probably spend a full afternoon or a full evening at Bayside. They have beautiful scenery, restaurants, shops, and you can even catch a boat ride from their pier.

    Bayside Marketplace
  • While this is just a small glimpse of Miami and all it has to offer, these are a few of my most recent finds! Let me know your favorite places to visit in Miami in the comments! Happy traveling!