Spotlight Series: Kandace Miggins

Kandace Miggins

Photographers have the gift to see beauty in the smallest details. Kandace Miggins, is one of those photographers. Her photos are not only clean-cut, but they capture pure bliss. With her signature afro, and camera in tote, Kandace is ready to take on the world.

Kandace Miggins was raised in south suburban country Club Hills Illinois. At 25 years old, she is a photographer with her own business, educator, graduate student and a college graduate. Talk about busy!

“I’ve always been engaged in the arts from a young age. I was always drawing, taking pictures, designing houses on the Sims (Yes that counts!), playing instruments, making slide shows, making videos, flyers, etc. I used to sell CDs, lemonade and bracelets in front of my mama’s house. I studied music education and jazz studies at Northern Illinois University. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Jazz Studies. I’m currently in a teacher residency program that partners with Chicago Public Schools. So I’m in the education field in addition to being a full-time grad student at National Louis University. I love traveling and watching Game of Thrones. I’m extremely passionate about history, culture, health, social justice and spirituality. “

Her love for media and photography started at a young age. Kandace would use her aunts’ camera to snap pictures while on family vacations. Her love for photography does not end there, she would make videos, and music playlists on CDs, draw, and play instruments. “I’ve always been a person that’s well-versed in media-technology and the arts… I love reliving happy moments through images, sound and video. It gives me so much nostalgia.”

As a student at NIU, Kandace was very active. She began making flyers, and putting her media skills to use for different campus organizations. Eventually, with a little encouragement to start her own business, she did just that. “While I was promoting for campus events and etc., I started promoting myself as a graphic designer for logos/flyers, and as a photographer/videographer as well. That’s was how I started! It took me a while to really be comfortable with the vulnerability that comes along with being an entrepreneur but I did, and I’m so glad I made the decision to do so. “


“I have always cherished picture books and photo albums…I like knowing that I’m helping people capture moments in ways that they would not have been able to on their own.” Miggins photographs families, children, pets, you name it!

As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Only few are blessed enough to do what they love and make profit from it. “It never feels like “work” to me, it always feels like getting paid for something I have fun doing, and who doesn’t want to feel like that!?” She also loves being in charge of her own schedule, a definite perk that comes with being a business owner. She has been able to service clients, while challenging herself and perfecting her craft.

Kandace is making great strides in her career to make sure what she is doing now is sustainable for her future. For that, we celebrate her! She is constantly challenging herself and moving forward in her career! She is the prime example of taking what you love, and using it to bring joy to not only yorself but others as well. You can find out more about her, or even book her by following her on or!






How to Let Go After a Breakup

A break-up can be hard on anybody, and I’m sure we have all been there. Depending on how long the relationship lasted, and how many memories were shared a break-up can be downright depressing. But, that break-up does not define you and it does not mean that your life is over, it just means your life has taken a turn. For whatever reason the relationship has comes to an end, and it is important to keep moving forward with your life. It’s ok to be sad or even to take a step back if you need to, but it’s not ok to stay stuck in the pain. It’s also easiest to get over when the situation does not become messy or petty.  Here are some tips I have gathered along the way that helped me to push through some major splits.


  1. Cut off all communication! This for me was key! It becomes much easier to move forward and start to heal and get over an individual when you aren’t subjected to looking at them on any of your social media feeds. You can fall into an unhealthy trend of needing to constantly check their social media just to see what they are up to. Even worse,  any of their posts can become a trigger, and bring up overwhelming emotions, especially if they have moved on and you haven’t. giphy10
  2. Block their phone number! This may be a tough one but, if you are serious about moving forward it’s for the best. The last thing you want once you are finally getting over the situation is to be awaken to a late night drunk text from that person. And even more, you don’t want to be the late night drunk texter! tumblr_nin35fnobi1rq4z5lo1_500
  3. Ask friends and family to be considerate and NOT keep you updated on the other person! While friends and may feel they are doing you a favor by giving you random tidbits, that can often cause more hurt. In all honesty, you are no longer in a relationship with this person so there is no need for a play-by-play of what they’re doing! You should not feel obligated to have conversations about the person that upset you or make you feel uncomfortable. giphy12
  4. Use this time to get in tune with yourself! Relationships can be awesome, but once you lose that person you may have to re-learn who you are. You can get back to being selfish for a while, it is so easy to lose track of your identity in relationships.


Stay strong and think positive! One chapter in your life has ended, but that only means another is beginning! What helped you to move forward after a break-up? Share in the comments!

Spotlight Series: Morgan Weaver

For this installment of the Spotlight Series, we will meet new high school football coach Morgan Weaver. Morgan has loved football since the early age of 5. Football has allowed him numerous opportunities and opened many doors throughout his life, and now he is giving back.

Weaver was raised in south suburban Country Club Hills Ill. A graduate of Hillcrest High School, he then went on to attend Winona State University. He played football for WSU on scholarship. He graduated with a degree is Excercise Science: Cardiopulmonary Rehab. After graduating he signed a contract to play indoor football with the Cedar Rapids Titans. And now, he has accepted the position as Head Football Coach at Hillcrest High School.

Weaver has a strong support system and many great influencers. They include his older brother Tremaine Weaver, cousin Kyran Weaver, uncle Alvin Weaver, Marquice Cole and college coaches David Bruan and Brett Holinka. All of these men have been vital to him in helping him become a better player and coach.

At just 25 years old, Weaver has accomplished so much. He has been fortunate enough to take something he loves and make it his career. He is now invested in making a difference in the students’ lives. “I spend a lot of time with my guys and it’s rewarding when you start to see positive change…My ultimate goal is to turn Hillcrest into a factory…meaning I want Hillcrest football to be known for getting guys into college and helping them earn scholarships. I love winning games but there’s not a better feeling than seeing our players sign letter of intents to go get their education and play some football along the way, for free or cheaper than normal tuition.”

Some people take a lifetime to figure out what they want to do with their lives, but not Weaver. “I got into my love for football at a very young age. At age 5, I knew playing football was something I wanted to do for as long as God would allow me to. As I got older, I started to understand how life and football go hand and hand…I always knew I would be coaching at some point in my life, it just happened earlier then I expected. Following my player career I wanted to come back and pass on what I’ve learned at the collegiate and professional level (IFL). Marquice Cole came back to Hillcrest in 2015, right around the time I was finishing up, and he had an opening and gave me as shot, I haven’t looked back since.”

Weaver is excited and looking forward to making this school year memorable. “I am looking forward to seeing the guys develop on and off the field…becoming respectable young men and making their high school career a memorable experience.” He is dedicated to his students lifelong success and not just the fleeting success of winning games. He has become a positive role model for the students, an example of what they can strive to be with hard work. He is proof that you should never give up on your dreams.

Weaver and the Hawks football team are gearing up to kick off their season on 8/26/17 at 3pm. They will be playing at and against Morgan Park High School Mustangs. You can catch Weaver on the field in action at any Hillcrest Hawks football game. Here’s to a great season and school year!

Morgan Weaver

3 Reasons Why You Need an Adult Coloring Book (1 min read)

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Adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular. There are all kinds available, and can be found in many stores. There are books with animals, colors, shapes and more. While this may seem childish, it’s actually a great release.

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5 Things for College Students to Remember

August is here. Summer is fading out and fall is pushing in. Gone are the days of beach and swimsuit commercials, they have been replaced with back to school commercials. For those getting ready to start a new semester of college, or even those going away for the very first time, it can be very overwhelming. College brings about a lot of freedom, joined with alot of responsibility. So, here are the most important things I leaned while tacking my undergraduate career.


Call your parents! I can not stress this one enough. Your parents want to hear from you, and not just when you want money or a care package. My mom and I had awesome conversations while I was a way in school. There was a shift in dynamic, I was no longer just her child, but a responsible adult. I’m not saying call and check-in every day but, at least once a week. Set aside about 20 minutes once a week to call and check-in, let them be involved in your week, and get involved in theirs. That phone call may mean the world to them, because believe me they miss you more than you know. giphy2

Make nice with your professors! Remember in grade school when you made fun of “teacher’s pets?” Well I’m here to tell you, you shouldn’t have. In college it’s not abnormal to have a professor that has no clue who you are. Going to class is not enough! You need to be proactive, get to know your professors. Go to their office hours, discuss assignments, or just pick their brains. Now most would confuse this with sucking up but in all actuality, this is to your advantage. Every professor likes to know that their students are engaged and actually gaining knowledge from their class. Every professor grades differently and looks for different things. Once you get to know their style, I guarantee you will have a much easier time scoring high. You pay tuition for them to help you through the semester, there is absolutely no need for you to struggle. But, you will have some late nights and early mornings, but you can do it! I had one professor that truly gave me a run for my money. In the beginning I could earn no greater than a C on her papers. I had never gotten a C on a paper in my life. I started going to her office hours discussing my papers, learning her layouts and expectations and by the end of the semester earned an A in the class! giphy3

Get Active! Try to become an active part of your college community. I don’t just mean being the life of the campus parties, or being known for the person that can take the most shots, but actually get to know key people on campus. Take time finding the student centers, counseling center, and especially tutoring centers. Utilize all of your resources! Whether it be with a campus job, internship, or joining clubs, get involved. When you graduate you will be looking for jobs. You will also need references and reference letters. Since up to that point you may not have had much work experience, your campus activity will give your future employer an idea of who you are. Sitting in your dorm room listening to music is cool, but you have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes to set yourself a part from the many others who will be graduating with you. In my last semester of college I was working for the university newspaper, held an internship in the Alumni office, and knew all of my professors. They were all good people who in turn did not hesitate to write me reference letters, or anything else I needed when it was time for me to graduate.


Use your meal plan wisely! In beginning of the semester you generally get a hefty amount of meal plan money. Although, this may differ from university to university, the one thing that’s the same is no one wants to be starving by the end of the semester! So, use your swipes wisely and try not to get in the habit of swiping your friends meals!


College Will Eventually End! I heard it so many times and I let it go in one ear and out the other, “These are  the best years of your life.” College allows you to be selfish, make decisions, and mistakes. You get the opportunity to learn who you really are outside of your parents. Although this time will come to an end, make the best of it while you have it. Party, hang out, meet new people, take this time to live your authentic life. Once you cross that tassel, it’s nothing but bills and adulthood waiting for you. 

Also, take this time to think about the person you want to be once you graduate. Start considering if you want to go straight to gradute school or to the work force. Don’t wait until the last minute to start your job search. Be proactive! Make time during your last year to mentally prepare for the transition that is up ahead.


Overall, have fun! Although exams, midterms, and finals seem like corporal punishment, that’s a cakewalk compared to what you will face in the real world. Take this time to learn and grow in your purpose! 


What is something you wish you knew in college you know now? Or college students, what would you like to know? Let’s talk about it in the comments! 

August Writing Challenge

Q:Who is someone who inspires you? 

Recently, I have been really inspired by two women. The first, Issa Rae. For those of you who may not know, she is the creator of the hit show Insecure and the author of the book, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl. I read her book about a year ago. Not only was the book hilarious, it was filled with so much truth and authenticity. She shared her personal story that so many can relate to of what it’s like to not always fit the mold. Then, shortly after I began to see commercials for her upcoming HBO show Insecure. From the commercials I was sold. She was working with kids, and did not have her life fully together, my life in a nutshell. Now the show is in its second season and I absolutely love it! It is so relatable. She has become an inspiration to me because she is a vibrant young African-American writer and creator who is giving us quality content. For that, she has become a great inspiration to me. She is showing me that everything I am currently striving for can absolutely be obtained, with persistency and consistency.


The second woman, is none other than Maxine Waters, affectionately known as Aunttie Maxine. Although Mrs. Waters is not new to politics or speaking her mind, she is gaining a new following of millennials, thanks to social media. She is #Reclaiminghertime and fighting for just treatment for Americans throughout the county. She has become a great inspiration to me because she is unapologetic. She speaks the truth and has no fear in doing so.

Who are your biggest inspirations? Let me know in the comments! 

Spotlight Series: D’Laun Montgomery

Montgomery (1)


D’Laun Montgomery has always had an eye for fashion. He grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago.  He is the co-owner of fashion boutique Lost and Found.

“I developed a passion for entrepreneurship because of the freedom it would give me… we are our own bosses.” There is a great deal of respect that comes with being a business owner, and a young business owner at that. Montgomery and his partners are definitely earning that respect.

Montgomery met one of his business partners in 2012, they were college roommates. He took interest in his style. “Marc was always at least 2 years ahead of fashion trends, and I admired his fashion sense.” Montgomery went from just admiring, to searching and really diving into the fashion scene.

The boutique has been in operation since November 15, 2015. He has no plans of stopping his train to success. He feels that fashion allows people to express their individualism, and rightly so. He has his future on his mind as he has been strategically moving forward with his business partners. Ultimately, he wants his store to become the standard for all retail. Working for other people did not give him the same satisfction as working for himself, and towards his own goals.

Montgomery has more than present satisfaction in mind, he is aiming toward generational wealth. “I want to start building generational wealth…I don’t have any kids now but I’m putting in 18-19 hours into my business regularly now so I can spend time with my kids later on in life.”

Montgomery’s major influences include Ralph Lauren, Greg Selkoe, Curtis Jackson, and Dame Dash. At just 24 years old he has accomplished so much and is looking to conquer so much more!

You can support him and keep up with all of his exciting upcoming endeavors and information by following him at…

D’Laun Montgomery