Fall Watchlist

Fall is in full swing! Red and orange leaves are falling, and the weather is chillier in the mornings. But, the greatest part about this is the new rotation television shows! Here are my Top 5 for this season…


This show is just amazing! I love how they use their air time not only to entertain, but to educate. They address so many taboo topics in a subtle way. Well worth the watch, you will not only learn a thing or two but I guarantee you will laugh more than once!


American Horror Story: Cult

This has quickly become a favorite season of mine. The premise of the show is centered around the 2016 Presidential Election, a true American Horror Story. 


The Deuce

Pimp’s, prostitutes, and New York. Who knew that those few elements could create an amazing show. Set in the late 60’s, early 70’s this show is following a few prostitutes, a bar owner, and a few pimps as they navigate through the very gritty 42nd street of New York.


How to Get Away With Murder 

The twist and turns that come with this show are unparalleled. Be sure to remind yourself to breath as you watch this show! The question of the season is #WhoKilledWes!?



Scandal is finally coming to an end after 7 seasons. It’s a bittersweet occasion. I’m sure our final thoughts and questions will be answered. The biggest question will be if Fitz and Olivia will finally have their happily ever after!?

Whats on your #FallWatchlist? Let me know in the comments!


Summer Watchlist

This summer, my DVR has been recording like crazy. My summer television lineup has throughly kept me entertained each week. Here are my top 5 must-see shows!

1. Power: Starz: Sundays 8PM

At the end of the 3rd season, viewers were left with a cliff hanger as Ghost, the main character, was taken into custody by his ex-mistress  Angela. So far this season has had me  clenching my seat every single season. The fact that Ghost stayed in jail for as many episodes as he did surprised me, but has been making for a very interesting season. There are so many cans of worms being opened from the Lakeisha and Tommy relationship, to Kanan still being alive and nobody knowing about it. The writers for this show are amazing and keep you in pure suspense!


2. Insecure: HBO: Sundays 9:30PM

Insecure has become a hit. I love creator Issa Rae. She is an unapologetic black girl, sprinkling her magic all over the place. It is a show that I can personally relate to on so many levels. The authenticity is what I love about the show. Issa, the main character, is in her 20s and struggling to figure out her career and especially her relationship, or lack thereof with her boyfriend Lawrence. At the end of last season, we were left hanging. Issa cheated, and Lawrence went for revenge. From just the first episode of this season, I can tell we are in for a roller coaster season! I mean look at how the first episode ended! I just hope Issa and Lawrence work through their relationship issues and are back together by the end of the season!


3. Claws: TNT: Sundays 8PM

Claws is nothing like I thought it would be. The show is about so much more than just a nail shop. There is humor, murder, drugs and mystery! Niecy Nash does an awesome job carrying the show in her lead role, as Desna the owner of the nail shop. Initially, I assumed the show would just be about the nail shop, but there are so many layers that give an added twist of suspense!


4. Black Ink Crew: Chicago: VH1: Wednesdays 7PM 

Black Ink Chicago is filled with drama, fights, and tattoos! It’s great to see young adults living their dreams, making money, and having fun. Their drama does not take away from their talent. Although it’s a bit different from the New York show, it’s still worth the watch if you are into reality television.


5. Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood: VH1: Mondays 7PM

Of course I can’t make a watch list without my staple show Love and Hip Hop. This season features singer Keyshia Cole and Booby Gibson. Hazel E is wreaking havoc on just about all the female cast members. They have also introduced Alexis Sky, Fetty Wap’s ex- girlfriend. That just screams messy being that Masika, Fetty Wap’s daughters mother is also a longtime cast member of the show. From the previews for the upcoming season, it’s very apparent there will be fights and drama that we see every season and city of Love and Hip Hop.


What are your go to summer shows?! Let me know in the comments!