Top 5 Things to Do in Miami

I LOVE MIAMI! I love everything from the culture, to the food, the beaches, and especially the weather. I always feel so serene when I’m there. During my most recent visit, I tried some new things, as well as revisited some of my favorite must-visit spots.

  1. Wet Willie’s: This stop is absolutely necessary for those of you who enjoy slushee adult beverages to cool off from the heat. My absolute favorite is the “Call-A-Cab”, they boast that after you drink it you will indeed need to call a cab! While you enjoy your drink, you can enjoy the view of South Beach and Ocean Drive. filename-255305-3649314626396
  2. South Beach:  Grab your favorite swimming suit, and catch the sun on South Beach. Not only is there the beach, but there are many restaurants, small shops, and boutique hotels on Ocean Drive.


    South Beach, Miami

  3. Wynwood Art District: Wynwood is full of beautiful art. You can find many chill clubs, bars, unique restaurants and boutiques for quick shopping.

    Wynwood Art District 



    Wynwood Art District

  4. Miami Dolphins Football Game: Catch a Dolphins game at the Hard Rock Stadium. If you are from a cold climate like myself, sitting at a football game in sandals instead of a huge parka coat is quite a treat!


    Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots 12/11/17

  5. Bayside Market Place: Bayside is ideal for doing many things in one place. You can probably spend a full afternoon or a full evening at Bayside. They have beautiful scenery, restaurants, shops, and you can even catch a boat ride from their pier.

    Bayside Marketplace

    While this is just a small glimpse of Miami and all it has to offer, these are a few of my most recent finds! Let me know your favorite places to visit in Miami in the comments! Happy traveling!


Girls Trips: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Girls Tip was full of #BlackGirlMagic! The movie is centered in New Orleans during Essence Fest, which is the ultimate girls trip! Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Regina Hall assemble to make the perfect story of  sisterhood and friendship. I laughed, almost cried, cheered, and of course I went to see the movie with my girls!


If you a part of a friend group, you know just how genuine this movie is. Groups of friends can constantly experience ups and downs. Ceratin friends may become closer than others in the group. You sometimes go through rough patches and petty arguments in friendships just like any other relationship. Between careers, kids, and even financial hardships it gets hard to keep up with your friends. Outings become fewer and farther between, phone calls become text messages, and before you know it large amounts of time pass and you’ve missed chunks of each others lives. But, the ultimate goal with sisterhood is to continue to grow together instead of allowing yourselves to grow a part.

The movie truly showcases the importance of sisterhood and friendship. Life throws us numerous struggles, and those struggles become easier to handle with when you have a support group. It is encouraging to have your girls behind you cheering from the sidelines, ready to fight for your honor, or wiping your tears after a disappointment. Girls trips give you permission to pull out that dress and heels you’ve been dying to wear, eat all day everyday, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. It’s an opportunity to relax, drink, be adventerous, and just let your hair down away from your everyday life.


Girls trips can also bring unresolved issues to the forefront. If you and one of your friends attending the trip have had an issue, you better believe it will come out on that trip. Make sure when you agree to a girls trip you have a solid relationship with each person going. Try to resolve any and all conflicts before you leave. The last thing you want to do is spend your money and be uncomfortable for a few days!

It can even bring out hidden personal issues. Someone may get too drunk and suddenly start spilling their guts and start crying. But, this is what girls trips are for! Once you agree to go on a trip with your girls, nothing is off limits! You are allowed to be on your worst behavior! You can look forward to days and nights of endless girl talk, which in essence can be very theraputic and rejuvinating!


 I have had my fair share of girls trips. Each time I go on a trip with my girls, I come back with a greater appreciation for each one of them. Girls trips are a way to strengthen your bond all while exploring the world together.


Girls Trip, New Orleans 2016


Girls Trip, Northern Illinois University 2014



Girls Trip, Atlanta 2015 

Have you been on a girls trip? Are you thinking of planning one? Which character are you most like from the movie? Tell me about it in the comments!



Q: What is your dream summer vacation? 

A: My dream summer vacation is to travel to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I look forward to waking up to the beautiful beach, white sand, blue water, and blue skies! When I go I want to stay for at least a week to enjoy everything this fabulous getaway has to offer. I always jump at any opportunity to travel and experience new culture, but this would be the ultimate voyage for me!


What is your dream summer vacation?

Viva Las Vegas!

I just conquered my first trip to Las Vegas! It was everything I thought it would be and more! Flashing lights, Elvis impersonators, cigarette smoke, and casinos literally everywhere pretty much sums up “the strip”. The hotels were beautiful, and filled with activities. Although the weather was at record-breaking highs, people were still out and about all day, everyday. Here is a quick list of things you should definitely check out if you are traveling to the “Sin City.”

Las Vegas Sign: Make sure to stop by the famous Las Vegas sign and snap a picture! There will be many others there doing the same thing but, don’t let the line deter you.


It was 117 degrees, but we couldn’t pass up our photo!

SlotZilla Ziplining: After seeing so many different people on tv go ziplining at Fremont, it was on the top of my must-do list while I was there. It was well worth it. If you plan to do this, make sure you go at night when the sun has gone down and the lights are turned way up!


Fremont: Ziplining isn’t the only thing at the Fremont strip. It’s filled with music, snacks, casinos, drinks, and street performers. I even ran into Welven Da Great, the “Deez Nuts” guy! There is a lot happening at Freemont, you are sure to find or see something interesting.


New York New York Roller Coaster: This roller coaster was no joke. There were twists, turns, inclines, declines, and my personal favorite up-side down loops. It lasted all of about 2 minutes but it was a thrill filled 2 minutes that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs!


High Roller: The High Roller was an amazing experience. It is similar to a ferris wheel, but composed of several huge pods. The pods are air-conditioned and you are able to bring along your adult beverages while you slowly make your way to the top of the wheel.

Stratosphere: The Stratosphere was a very romantic and intimate outing. There are several things to do in the building, but I visited the lounge. They had a great drink special. If possible do this at night as well to see the entire city and the beautiful lights.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum: The museum was filled with so many lifelike figures! They featured about 3 floors of wax figures. Celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Will Smith, and of course Elvis. This was a great way to get out of the heat for about an hour! Make sure you have your camera ready!

Fat Tuesday’s: These stands are located all over the strip. They feature tasty alcoholic slushies available in several sizes. Once you purchase your first drink, you purchase the cup. The cup can be refilled for a lower price how every many times you can handle!


Shopping: Shopping is another great way to esacpe the heat. There are so many malls. Even if you just end up window shopping, it is a great way to cool off. I highly recommend going into Ceasar’s Palace. There are many upacale shops, but regular shops as well. The ceilings and design of the mall are simply gorgeous. There are fountains, statues, and more.



Gambling: At first I was totally against gambling, but with casinos at every step, I eventually gave in. If you are not a gambler at least give it a try on the slots with as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. You never know, you may come out a big winner!


Whether you are going to elope, for a girls or guys weekend, you will see some unforgetable things and make some euphoric memories. Remember, what happens in Vegas…you know the rest! Let me know about your must-do events in Vegas in the comments!