A Poem a Day

A poem a day

to keep the blues away,

not doctor prescribed,

just my way to hide

behind my pen

while sitting in what I imagine to be my den.

But in actuality is my desk,

at work, you know my job?

that has nothing to do with my college degree

truly this job does not reflect my pedigree.

Instead I think of it as a test

and do my best to prepare for whats in store

and try to ease the want for more

but until I get my five or six figure career

I’m here,

writing a poem a day,

trying to keep the blues away.

January 2016


Me at 23.

This can’t be!

Starting to age

Personalities can fade to beige

Working for companies that want to keep you caged

College seemed to fly by, ending far too soon

Reminiscing of how I sat in my dorm room

Dreaming how life would turn out

But now I’m beginning to fill with doubt

Since I’m too old to pout,

I am changing my route

Time to make a new plan

One that will provide a happy life

Leaving the struggle and strife

So here is my decree,

No more sadness, only glee

Even though life is not as sweet as I thought it’d be at


September 2014