Life Hacks For Grad Students

The end of the semester is near. That generally means one thing, it’s officially crunch-time. The assignments become greater and the due dates seem to be getting closer together. Here are a few tips that may be helpful to you during this busy time!

Don’t procrastinate…Due dates are closer than they appear! Since there is only about a month and some change left of the semester, many assignments are going to be due to colose out the semester. My advice, start working on any and everything. The last thing you want is to be put in a position where you are still typing a paper an hour before it’s due! Especially if it’s due online, those links will close!

Stay organized… Organization is not everyones cup of tea. But, it is certainly helpful when you are juggling multiple classes, possibly a job, family, and a social life. It is easy to overlook assignments or mateirals if you dont stay somewhat organized. Whatever way organization works for you, own it. If your papers are scattered all over, but you know exactly where something is when you need it, thats still organization! 

Eat & Sleep!…\ While these may seem obvious, they’re not. Sometimes when your’re wrapper up in papers, and books you forget to take care of yourself. Or you think I can sleep or eat later. Ladies and gentlemen this is not a key to success. Make sure to give yourself enough food and sleep. Your body needs energy to keep moving and process the information you are giving it. Nobody likes a stressed out sleep deproved hangry person!

Keep pushing and finish the semester out strong! What are your tips or rituals that get you through the semesters? Let me know in the comments!


3 Reasons Why You Need a 5-Year Plan

Part of adulting is having a game-plan. Sure, not everything in life can be planned, but most things can be. I have seen people here and there who go wherever the wind takes them, and not plan a thing. That works for them. But me on the other hand, I tend to be more strategic about my moves, It’s always best to be prepared, than to be frazzled and miss an opportunity. when there is no need to be. As the saying goes, ”
if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

  1. You’re not getting any younger!– While this may be a harsh truth, it is a reminder to take advantage of every day you are on this earth. You don’t want life to pass you by  without having accomplished the things that are most important to you. giphy
  2. Execute!- Having a written visual of your goals can be a great reminder and the push you need to get you to what you want. It is very easy to speak things that you want but often, if you don’t have a plan behind those words, they will stay only words. Your dreams can become deferred. Even if you don’t have something planned down to every second, that’s fine. It’s just good to get your ideas down, so you can see them and hold yourself accountable. There are so many wonderful tools available to guide you through your planning, just Google it! Or, if you want to be less informal use any old journal you have and just write!giphy1
    1. Helps with small goals!- Sometimes having a 5-year plan can be intimidating, but making your smalls goals along the way to help you get to the big end goal can helpful. Just view the 5-year plan as your end result and give yourself daily, monthly, and yearly goals. Once you start knocking out those daily and monthly goals it will give you the motivation to keep pushing to your final finish line!


Good luck and happy planning! What are some things you want accomplished in the next 5 years? Let me know in the comments!

Becoming Fearless

Fearless. Who can really say that they are fully fearless? Whether it be phobias of spiders, clowns, car accidents, or even mice, those phobias can be very real and disabling. After watching this weeks episode of the American Horror Story: Cult, my eyes were opened to just how daunting fear can be. In the show, the character Kai Anderson gave a twisted monologue on fear, and how it should be used to make people not only uncomfortable but use it to keep control. Another character in the show is ridden with numerous phobias. So much so they make her hallucinate.

After watching this, I began to examine myself and my fears. I began to think about how my fears have the potential to hold me back. Like many, I have the unfortunate fear of public speaking. I absolutely dread it. Being in grad school brings on unavoidable presentations. Before each presentation for a bout a week I get a lot of anxiety. But, when the time comes to actually start talking a switch clicks and somehow or another I make it through the presentation usually with ease. In the end, I try to reflect and figure out what made me so anxious and fearful.

I have truly been working on this, I do not want to live my life stifled. In the past month alone, I have been interviewed twice, and I am currently starting a new semester filled with none other than…presentations. Instead of giving myself anxiety as I usually do, I am making a conscious effort not to overwork myself and my feelings. Anxiety takes A LOT of energy, and I refuse to give in. I am taking control and no longer giving power to being fearful.

With most fears and anxiety it takes you to finally say that’s enough, no more. Remeber no fear is stupid, and no fear is bigger than you. And now, in the words of Aunttie Maxine, “I’m reclaiming my time.” And here’s to you working toward a fearless lifestyle as well. Cheers!

What are some fears you’ve conquered? Let’s talk about it in the comments!



So…You Hate Your Job?

I often hear people complaining about their jobs. Trust me, I’ve been there as well. Waking up and traveling to a job that you dread. The only thing that keeps you motivated is the paycheck. Sound familiar? If not, that makes my soul smile, if so, I feel you. It happens. But, that does not mean it has to stay that way, and it certainly does not mean you have to accept that. Here are a few quick tips to help you through.

  1. Start your day with motivation and inspiration!– Whether it be a cup of coffee, blasting your favorite artist on your commute, or even listening to a sermon from your favorite pastor, do things that will pump you up! This will keep you from being drained as soon as you walk in the door. If you can keep your energy high, then it will be harder to get it down. Also take the time to do self-care while you are off the clock. Make sure your mental mindset stays in tact. If you dislike your job, where you spend several hours per week, it can be easier to slip into depression.
  2. Ignore negative coworkers!– I know it’s hard, but you have to tune out the complainers and all negativity, including coworkers. They can easily drain you of your good energy and suck you into the negatvity. Before you know it, you will become a complainer as well. They will make it even harder on you to get through your days especially if you are already struggling. So, try to steer clear of the Negative Nancy’s, and when working directly with them, keep it straight business. Once they start to complain either smile and excuse yourself, or drop a positive word here and there. This will usually make them less likely to complain to you, negative people usually only like other negative people.
  3. Keep moving forward!– Just because you may not like your current job, does not mean you have to stay there forever. You can always job-hunt, and look for opportunities that will better suit you. Although thats hard, you may end up finding your dream job eventually. Even working on yourself and gaining more qualifications to make yourself more marketable, is also an excellent way to help you move onto a position you would enjoy more. 

What are some tips you would give someone who hates their job, let’s talk about it in the comments!