Best Feuding TV Frenemies

Many TV shows have two characters that are known to crack jokes on each other, in every scene they are in. While we may occasionally see those two characters team up every once in a while, their wise cracks and snarky comments become a staple in the shows.


Now you know, I couldn’t start this list without the legendary, Pamela James and Martin Payne. Whether they were throwing jabs verbally or physically, watching the two of them was a guaranteed laugh. But, the best moment has to be when they teamed up on their tropical vacation to fight off a huge rodent.


Dre’s parents are no longer together, but they are both at the house quite frequently for the sake of family. While it is quite clear they will NEVER get back together, their interactions are priceless. They add a realistic factor to the show of an older couple that only tolerate each other.

Sanford and Son

Esther and Fred Sanford can be looked at as the originators. Long before many of us were even thought of Fred and Esther were going back and forth. The one thing they shared was they both loved Elizabeth. She was Fred’s wife and Esther’s sister. With her passing, Esther still occasionally showed her face in the junkyard just to pester Fred and visit her nephew Lamont.

Good Times

Willona and Bookman proved to have a love/hate relationship. Bookman the not so handy building handyman was not so good at his job. Willona, never let him off the hook for that and held him accountable with her sharp tongue for his building duties, which usually started many of their spats. She even affectionately called him, “Buffalo Butt.”

Living Single

Maxine Shaw and Kyle Barker created iconic moments on Living Single. While they argued and fussed in front of their friends, eventually the developed a romantic relationship that no one saw coming! While I preferred them as comic relief over a serious couple, it was only a matter of time before their tension came out in a passionate kiss that sparked a new chapter for them.


Who are your favorite TV frenemies? Let me know in the comments!



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