6 Movies Every Writer Should See

I love watching movies that focus on creatives, and especially writers. It’s always a relief to network with other writers or see other writers struggles/successes played out on television or film. As a kid I loved when Moesha began writing for VIBE Magazine. More recently, I watched the series The Wire and was surprised that the 5th season heavily revolved around a newsroom!  Here is just a small list of my favorite movies that surround writers and writing!

Sex and the City: The Movie

Sex and the City The Movie.jpg

One night during a Netflix binge session, I came across this movie. I had never seen the actual so I was pretty unfamiliar with the premise and characters. Much to my surprise during the first 5 minutes I realized the main character, Carrie, was a writer. In the movie Carrie attempts to take her relationship to the next level, marriage. Through a series of unfortunate events, Carrie has no choice but to lean on her group of friends when hard times strike. To cope, she begins to write, through her journey.giphy-4

Brown Sugar

Image result for brown sugar the movie


Brown Sugar is a beautiful love story surrounded by hip-hop. Sidney is a writer and her childhood friend, Andre is an A&R. Throughout the movie, the two play around one another showing a vibrant chemistry and possibility of a love story. But, like any other love story, it’s not that simple. To make matters more complicated, both Andre and Sidney are engaged.


Freedom Writers

Image result for freedom writers

This movie was adapted from the book, The Freedom Writers Diary. The book and the movie both focus on English teacher, Erin Gruwell. She has taken a position to teach English to “at-risk” youth. The high school students and Erin begin on a journey together where they not only learn from her but the students begin to teach her as well.


Love Jones

Image result for love jones

Love Jones is an emotional rollercoaster, so be prepared. Darius, a poet begins a relationship with photographer Nina. They encounter ups and downs until they finally decide which way their relationship if going to be at the very end of the movie. If you tend to cry during movies, this one may make you shed a tear or two!


Poetic Justice

Image result for poetic justice

No I’m not talking about Kendrick Lamar’s hit song, and no I’m not talking about box braids! We are talking about the groundbreaking classic movie, Poetic Justice. After Justice witnesses a horrific murder, she becomes a shell of her old self until she meets Lucky. To cope with her pain, Justice writes. The two develop an interesting bond. The more they discover about one another, the more they discover about themselves.


What are your favorite movies that showcase writing!? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “6 Movies Every Writer Should See

  1. Sex and the City made the cut!!! I knew you would like it!! These were all great choices and I never realized the characters were writers (besides Carrie) until you mentioned it!! Keep up the good work!

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