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One Sunday morning, as I laid in bed scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook I got a notification. The notification told me that my screen time was up 38% from the previous week. At that point, I never really remembered seeing these notification. But, since I was already senselessly scrolling through my phone, I followed the prompt to investigate. What I saw next shocked me. I quickly noticed that I had become one of those people that is always on their phone.  I created a habit of doing playing on the phone just because I may have been bored. In moments of boredom, or especially waiting in lines of any kind,  the first thing I would do is pull out my phone.

Apple (and other companies too, I believe) now allows users to take an in depth look at how the phone is being used.  I was able to look at how many times I picked the phone up, how much time is spent on social media, and other apps on my phone, even how many hours per day you spend on the phone. This is broken down into days and gives an overall amount of time for the week.


I found that I was spending entirely too much time scrolling endlessly thorough social media, first and foremost. I also spent A LOT of time in the app, GroupMe.( One particular group I’m in is usually lit all day! Hey Melanin Ladies!!) Looking at the actual amount of time I was spending on apps such as Facebook and Instagram had me shooketh. I started to think about all of the other things I could be doing with that time. Or even, what other apps I could be using that would be more productive.

The good thing about the screen time function, is that it also allows you to schedule “downtime” and “app limits.” Using these limiters helps to take advantage of your time. After beginning to keep track of my screen time, I started to feel refreshed. I started to make it a goal to decrease my screen time weekly. I did a complete social media cleanse for a few weeks in January and afterward put in effort to limit my senseless scrolling on the phone. I began to use that time to do other things such as reading more books, listening to podcasts, and working on goals that I set for myself. In taking a step back from my screen, I felt like I was practicing self-care. I became aware of so many other things!


Has screen time been helpful for you? What do you use your phone for most? Social media? Reading? News? Let me know in the comments?

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