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Miss Ashley’s Book Club

This edition of Miss Ashley’s Book Club is dedicated to…BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

Dear Martin 

This book is noted to be for young adults, but the content is powerful. It follows the life of  Justyce, a Black high school student, who is attending a majority white high school. During his time within the school, Justyce encounters his share of racism and police brutality. To cope with a world that does not always see the best in young black men, he begins to write letters to Dr. King. Through his letters and experiences, we follow as Justyce learns how to stay peaceful in a hateful world.

dear martin


How To Be Black 

This book is filled with humor and truth. It explores numerous topics such as “when did you first realize you were Black?”, “how to be the Black friend” and more. It is an interesting approach to discussing racial issues in America.


What are your latest or BHM reads!? Let me know in the comments! Happy reading & Happy Black History Month!!

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