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3 Days in Phoenix, AZ

Recently, I took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona. This was not a place I ever imagined going, but in a twist of events, I found myself on a flight headed to the Grand Canyon state. While there was not an overabundance of activities to engage in, it became the perfect trip for self-care and the recharge that I needed. Most trips I take, I try and maximize my time in the unfamiliar territory. Equipped with an itinerary, Google reviews, and Yelp, I tend to  over-plan my vacations. But this time was different. I didn’t go with a plan, and I didn’t know much about their popular attractions. What I did know was my main goal was to simply, relax.

The weather in Phoenix was a nice break from the frigid cold of Chicago. The breezy temperatures mixed with the sunshine and palm trees were a huge spirit booster. Going through these long and dark Chicago winters can be draining. Being able to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere turned out to be a major highlight for me.

Another highlight were the tv’s in the hotel room.They were smart tv’s, meaning I was able to access my Netflix account! I hadn’t been able to chill and watch tv for months due to a hectic grad school schedule and wedding planning. But, in that moment I had no cares, but to watch as many different series on Netflix as I could handle!




My trip wasn’t all Netflix though, I did get out and casually see what the city had to offer.  No real plan, and no itinerary. This included an outlet mall, a Phoenix Suns game, and strolling through downtown Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix was nothing like downtown Chicago,  but it was a nice change of pace. I also found a great restaurant called The Park. This restaurant is pretty urban and includes an ambiance to make customers feel like they are outside, such as trees and green lighting. The food here was so good, I actually ate there 3 times during my trip, each time trying a different dish.


Phoenix Suns v. Minnesota Timberwolves

By the time it was time to return home, I felt rejuvenated. Usually, upon returning from a trip, I need a day just to recover from the trip. But this was different. The serenity that Phoenix offered me was simply priceless. This experience gave me a new outlook on taking trips. Every trip does not need to be planned to the minute. Sometimes winging it is the better option! Plan a trip that allows you time to regroup and refocus! The trip can be local or a bit farther. Don’t let cost hold you back from a recharge!

Do you have a vacation or trip you took that turned out to be lowkey and good for self-care and relaxation? Let me know in the comments! 

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