Top 5 Things to Do in Memphis

I recently took a short trip to Memphis Tennessee. It turned out to be perfect for a weekend trip. There is enough to keep you busy and entertained. Below are the highlights of my visit!

The National Civil Rights Museum 

IMG_4103 2

The museum was an overwhelming experience to say the least. The museum is formed from the iconic Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968. As you walk through the museum you have to opportunity to experience slavery, The Civil Rights era, The Black Power Movement and more. The very last exhibit allows you to view the motel room Dr. King was staying in and the balcony he stepped out on when he was fatally shot.

Wet Willie’s  


No matter what state I go to, if there is a Wet Willie’s I have to stop! They feature a variety of colorful and fruit frozen alcoholic beverages. My personal favorite and one of their strongest is the “Call-A-Cab.”

Beale Street 


Beale Street hosts a variety of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants. If that isn’t enough there is a variety of art around the streets. There is even a street car in operation and a trolley that passes though.

BB King’s Blues Club  


BB King’s was honestly the best part of my trip! The food was amazing and the live music was great! There is even room for dancing if you’re in the mood!

Jerry Lee Lewis’ Cafe & Honky Tonk


If you are in the party mood, Jerry Lee Lewis’ may be the place for you. They offer many different areas and different types of music throughout the bar. They also off an awesome outdoor balcony that overlooks the beautiful Beale Street scenery!

Have you visited Memphis? If so let me know some of your highlights in the comments!

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