Black Is Beautiful / Millennials

Am I Woke Enough?

The past month in pop culture has been a world wind to say the least. There was one big story/scandal after the other. The memes were at an all time high, and jokes were flying back and forth. Bill Cosby was convicted, the campaign #MuteRKelly was sparked, Meek Mill was released, Childish Gambino released the visual for This is America and in turn was attacked for being in a relationship with a white woman, videos surfacing of an elderly black woman being drug from her car by police, a young black man being choked by an officer after his prom, and if those weren’t big enough, Kanye West shared his thoughts that slavery was “a choice.” All of those events had me feeling like this guy.


With each huge event my social media timelines were arguing, banding together, educating one another, and dispelling myths all at the same d*** time. I cringed as I read though threads of people going back and forth sharing their thoughts. I even laughed out loud at a few of them. All of these occurrences led me to leaving social media for a few days. In those few days off of EVERY social platform I began to pay attention to the news and the world around me like never before. I came to the question, Am I Woke Enough? This led me to question our society, and especially the media that has a great control over what we do and don’t see and hear.

I began to wonder what am I and the countless others who are arguing on social media doing to really make an impact and change the way the world is moving? Being “woke” is a term that has become highly popular, but shouldn’t it be more than just a hashtag, and more than something someone spews out when they throw out a little known fact? I think we all need to aim toward doing as much as we can besides, “dragging people” on social media and arguing with one another in the comment section. While its quite comical, it is not always successful. But the beauty in it all is social media has been absolutely successful in starting these though provoking conversations. Don’t let social media be the end and start to these conversations. Talk in social setting, share information, share books, educate one another! That is the key for us all to be “woke”, don’t downplay or put down someone because they may be uninformed on something, take that as an opportunity to share knowledge!

I leave you with this famous quote, “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”


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