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Spotlight Series: Nadia Simone


Nadia Simone Host of theNSider!

Nadia Harrald grew up on the South Side of Chicago. At 27 years old, she holds a B.A. in Communications from Western Illinois University. Since 2016, Nadia has been presenting great interviews with her series, theNSider. She decided to think about ways she could do something that would include her passion, provide an uplifting positive light, impact her community, and show our culture positively in media. Her interviews are not only on YouTube, but are even shown on CanTv ch.19. She always includes a wide variety of guests and covers numerous issues and topics. Watching her interviews is truly a learning experience. Her goal is to inspire, entertain, and encourage her viewers with every interview.  She credits her team of awesome friends for helping with her vision and making the dream work. The name theNSider comes from her initials. She says, “I went through several names, and theNSider was just God sent!” 

In her journey, Nadia has held internships and jobs which have given her the real-life experience that she has been able to use toward her own vision. It was during these times she realized it was what she wanted to do, and more than that, it was her passion. She worked and interned a radio station and even Channel 7 News! “It was there my passion and love of interviewing people started…being outside in the field was the best! Holding the mic, asking questions that I came up with, being an off camera reporter basically. I love the feeling of that and that’s why I continued to do it, but for my own show.”

Nadia notes Oprah and blogger Necole Kane as two of her personal inspirations. She admires their work ethic and also their willingness to overcame tragic pasts and still conquer greatness. “I just love seeing other black women winning and making history! It’s inspiring and encouraging, we have taken over!” Nadia notes that, one of her biggest motivating factors is…her daughter. “She’s there at my interviews most times and sees me in action.” Having inspiration and motive are the fuel pushing her ahead full force.

With 2018 in full swing, Nadia has already made some memorable moments and moves. She has covered events, shot a promo commercial, and of course has put out new shows! “This has been a great year for theNSider already! I think it is because I’m believing in myself more and seeking opportunities and not being afraid.So this year, just looking forward to whatever opportunities and blessings that align with my purpose to come my way!”  Every boss has a plan and a goal. Nadia plans to ultimately own her own production company and continue to create just as much behind the scenes as she is in front of the camera.

To stay connected with Nadia and theNSider you can Like her on Facebook at theNSider w/ Nadia Simone, follow her on Instagram @theinsidertv and lastly subscribe to her YouTube channel to see her latest interviews! 

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