*Spoiler Alert! If you have not seen the movie just yet, read at your own risk! 

After seeing Marvels’ Black Panther, I left the theatre in complete awe. I was captivated the entire time by the beautiful people who were on the screen in front of me. Chadwick Boseman, Angela Bassett, Michael. B. Jordan, and Forest Wittaker, to name a few were staple characters in the film. Across social media all weekend, it was great to see the unification over this film. The memes, the pictures, and the tweets showed that for many this film was more than just a movie, it has become history. There were moments of humor, and moments of strife but in all, there was triumph. It was a rare opportunity where instead of being portrayed in stereotypical roles, or victims, we were the heroes.

If you are like me and have very minimal knowledge of comics, I’ll share a little background. The original Black Panther comic was created in 1966 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Although many link it to The Black Party Panther, many say that the connection is pure coincidence. The Black Panther was Marvels first black character.

Now back to the movie! My top 3 “Wow moments” are as follows…

  1. The #BlackGirlMagic: T’Challa like most Kings, had an army and a line of defense. But, his front line included (drum roll please)…women. That’s right, black women in all of their glory, sprinkling their black girl magic across the screen. They were not there just for looks, but their loyalty, intelligence, and wit. Even when T’Challa needed to be nursed back to health, it was his women that made it happen! giphy1
  2. Villian or nah?: Michael B. Jordan is an amazing actor, and although he was the villan, I couldn’t help but empathize with him. While we were supposed to be constantly rooting for T’Challa, I was secretly rooting for Killmonger as well. His words in so many instances were so powerful. In taking over Wakanda, his plan was to help his brothers and sisters across the world. The plan in doing this was not the greatest but, it’s the thought that counts, right!? Even his final words sent chills up my spine. IMG_1281
  3. Connection: Last but not least, I loved the way they tied in the early 90’s. Their t-shirts and thick gold chains caught me off guard! I was ready for African attire for the entire movie. But the way in which they worked in America’s past was excellent. Spies were sent all over the country, they expressed the travesties that were occurring in communities. Though they had something that could end the struggle and strife within the world, they didn’t. Such a thought provoking moment.

Overall, like many across the globe, I loved the movie. It was truly a breath of fresh air, and something that we can all be proud of. Now, I need to see Luke Cage on the big screen! IMG_9892.JPG

 What was your favorite part of the movie? 


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