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Love Yourself


With Valentines Day right around the corner, it seems like there are flowers, and candy in every store. Valentines Day has become one of the top grossing American holidays! Every sales ad, and tv commercial has pictures of smiling couples and the gifts the man has showered his lady with. Last year this time, I was really challenging myself to reflect on love, and what excactly it is, and especially what it is not.

But, wait a minute! I think we often get so sucked into the idea of love being about two people, we forget that before you can love anyone else you must love yourself. So, I challenge you this Valentines Day to love yourself, before your significant other. When you buy them a gift, buy yourself one as well. Loving yourself and checking in with your emotions is just as important as theirs.


And for all my single ladies (and guys!) DO NOT, let Valentines Day get you down! Seeing expressions of love is beautiful, but it can just as easily be a reminder of something you may not have just yet, lost, or are yearning for. If that’s you, spend the day showering yourself with love. This can be done in simple ways such as treating yourself to your favorite cup of coffee, or even making time to relax and engage in your own thoughts. Possibly stay off of social media if you know looking at so many people celebrating may get you down! Focus on your well-being and happiness and instead use the time to reflect on…YOU!

Happy Month of Love! Always remember to love yourself first! 

                                8 Powerful Steps to Self-Love by Melanie Greensberg 

What are your favorite ways to show self-love?

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