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Since February is the month of love, I thought it was fitting to share a book that I am currently reading with my bae…365 Things Every Couple Should Know by Doug Fields. This book was a gift to us, but has been extremely helpful. Sometimes being in a long-term relationship, you lose to the fire of the relationship in the everyday shuffle. But, this book is full of reminders big and small of how to keep your spouse happy, appreciated through communication. There is no need to try to read the book all in one sitting, instead, breaking it up to a couple of pages has been helpful to us. Reading a few tips at a time and actually discussing ways to implement them and seeing room for growth has been amazing. I guarantee you may read something in this book that you may not have even realized is important to you.

My Favorite Tips from the book…

Every couple should know…

…One compliment a day isn’t too many.

…The winner of the conflict isn’t always the winner.

…A day without “I love you” is a wasted day.

What are your favorite books about relationships or for couples!? Let me know in the comments!

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