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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

We are approaching the last shopping weekend for Christmas! This year has truly flown by! As many are probably finishing their shopping, I am positive there are many have not even started. Here are a few quick things I have come across that would make for great, quick gifts!

Gift Cards


The ever trusty, gift card! Gifts cards can now be found almost anywhere including Walgreens, Jewel, gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops,  and even e-gift cards are now offered through most websites for added convenience. A gift card can also take the stress out of finding the perfect gift, and give the person the power to pick their own gift on you.



There is nothing better than opening a card and having cold hard cash fall out. While this may seem like more of a dream than a reality the older you get,  cash be the best route for some people. Once again it eliminates the stress out of finding something that is just right, and lets the person pick their own gift.

Gift Buckets

I first came across this buckets on Pinterest. They really caught my eye because, they are pretty inexpensive but can be personalized to any person. You can even take a trip to the dollar store and fill up the basket with a persons favorite things.

Love Coupons 


Love coupons are the gift that keep giving. You can easily make them with construction or colored paper, markers, crayons, and anything else handy or colorful. Or if you’d like to take an easier route, there are several websites that offer love coupon generators, just type it into Google. On each coupon  write something personalized for the person you love. For example if your loved one is always complaining about having to was the dishes, make them a coupon that they can cash into you that you will wash the dishes for them. Or maybe one that volunteers you to cook breakfast or dinner. The love coupons are quick and easy and can essentially be free, but don’t put up a fuss when the person wants to cash in one of the coupons!



Another pretty easy thing for you to give, is your time. Esentially this gift although priceless is of great value. Getting wrapped up in daily life, it sometimes gets hard to think outside of yourself. But, if you can find time this holiday season, help out with someone who may be lonely or less fortunate. This kind gesture will go much farther than you know.

Remember it is always great to receive but the holidays are all about being selfless and giving to others! Happy Holidays! 


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