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Fall Watchlist

Fall is in full swing! Red and orange leaves are falling, and the weather is chillier in the mornings. But, the greatest part about this is the new rotation television shows! Here are my Top 5 for this season…


This show is just amazing! I love how they use their air time not only to entertain, but to educate. They address so many taboo topics in a subtle way. Well worth the watch, you will not only learn a thing or two but I guarantee you will laugh more than once!


American Horror Story: Cult

This has quickly become a favorite season of mine. The premise of the show is centered around the 2016 Presidential Election, a true American Horror Story. 


The Deuce

Pimp’s, prostitutes, and New York. Who knew that those few elements could create an amazing show. Set in the late 60’s, early 70’s this show is following a few prostitutes, a bar owner, and a few pimps as they navigate through the very gritty 42nd street of New York.


How to Get Away With Murder 

The twist and turns that come with this show are unparalleled. Be sure to remind yourself to breath as you watch this show! The question of the season is #WhoKilledWes!?



Scandal is finally coming to an end after 7 seasons. It’s a bittersweet occasion. I’m sure our final thoughts and questions will be answered. The biggest question will be if Fitz and Olivia will finally have their happily ever after!?

Whats on your #FallWatchlist? Let me know in the comments!

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