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For the past few years, I have celebrated my birthday with a birthday blog. One year I did a poem, another a list of lessons I’ve learned, but this year I will just write. This past year has been filled with ups & downs. While all the times were not good, I feel like I have finally come into my purpose as a person. There have been a great learning and growing experiences. Sometimes it we tend to be so hard on ourselves about the things that we havent accomplished, we overlook the things that have been accomplished. I am fully guilty of this. When in fact this past year, I have made substantial progress in several areas of my life. I bought a car, mended relationships, got my braces taken off (😁), published a book, changed my grad school program to what I truly love, became more regular with my spirituality, and last but not least become consistent with! So far, I have accomplshed all but one of the goals I made for myself for the year, with time to spare! I also became much more aware of why forgiveness is important, and what it really means to cherish the ones you love.  I have even become more appreciative of my own life. There was a time I was so filled with depression that I couldn’t see the good in life or even living another day. Every day of life is truly a blessing, you never know when you leave your house in the morning if you will make it back safe. That being said I am aiming to make my 26th chapter even better! I have marked this next year in my life #BecomingFearless. I am on a journey of not only becoming fearless but truly reaching and conquering my dreams!

Cheers🎉 giphy1

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