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Becoming Fearless

Fearless. Who can really say that they are fully fearless? Whether it be phobias of spiders, clowns, car accidents, or even mice, those phobias can be very real and disabling. After watching this weeks episode of the American Horror Story: Cult, my eyes were opened to just how daunting fear can be. In the show, the character Kai Anderson gave a twisted monologue on fear, and how it should be used to make people not only uncomfortable but use it to keep control. Another character in the show is ridden with numerous phobias. So much so they make her hallucinate.

After watching this, I began to examine myself and my fears. I began to think about how my fears have the potential to hold me back. Like many, I have the unfortunate fear of public speaking. I absolutely dread it. Being in grad school brings on unavoidable presentations. Before each presentation for a bout a week I get a lot of anxiety. But, when the time comes to actually start talking a switch clicks and somehow or another I make it through the presentation usually with ease. In the end, I try to reflect and figure out what made me so anxious and fearful.

I have truly been working on this, I do not want to live my life stifled. In the past month alone, I have been interviewed twice, and I am currently starting a new semester filled with none other than…presentations. Instead of giving myself anxiety as I usually do, I am making a conscious effort not to overwork myself and my feelings. Anxiety takes A LOT of energy, and I refuse to give in. I am taking control and no longer giving power to being fearful.

With most fears and anxiety it takes you to finally say that’s enough, no more. Remeber no fear is stupid, and no fear is bigger than you. And now, in the words of Aunttie Maxine, “I’m reclaiming my time.” And here’s to you working toward a fearless lifestyle as well. Cheers!

What are some fears you’ve conquered? Let’s talk about it in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Becoming Fearless

  1. I loved reading your blog. This is so dope! Keep up the great work. Even though Im just 30 I will be purchasing ur book! And sharing its greatness! Keep being amazing!

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