Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series: Kandace Miggins


Kandace Miggins

Photographers have the gift to see beauty in the smallest details. Kandace Miggins, is one of those photographers. Her photos are not only clean-cut, but they capture pure bliss. With her signature afro, and camera in tote, Kandace is ready to take on the world.

Kandace Miggins was raised in south suburban country Club Hills Illinois. At 25 years old, she is a photographer with her own business, educator, graduate student and a college graduate. Talk about busy!

“I’ve always been engaged in the arts from a young age. I was always drawing, taking pictures, designing houses on the Sims (Yes that counts!), playing instruments, making slide shows, making videos, flyers, etc. I used to sell CDs, lemonade and bracelets in front of my mama’s house. I studied music education and jazz studies at Northern Illinois University. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Jazz Studies. I’m currently in a teacher residency program that partners with Chicago Public Schools. So I’m in the education field in addition to being a full-time grad student at National Louis University. I love traveling and watching Game of Thrones. I’m extremely passionate about history, culture, health, social justice and spirituality. “

Her love for media and photography started at a young age. Kandace would use her aunts’ camera to snap pictures while on family vacations. Her love for photography does not end there, she would make videos, and music playlists on CDs, draw, and play instruments. “I’ve always been a person that’s well-versed in media-technology and the arts… I love reliving happy moments through images, sound and video. It gives me so much nostalgia.”

As a student at NIU, Kandace was very active. She began making flyers, and putting her media skills to use for different campus organizations. Eventually, with a little encouragement to start her own business, she did just that. “While I was promoting for campus events and etc., I started promoting myself as a graphic designer for logos/flyers, and as a photographer/videographer as well. That’s was how I started! It took me a while to really be comfortable with the vulnerability that comes along with being an entrepreneur but I did, and I’m so glad I made the decision to do so. “



“I have always cherished picture books and photo albums…I like knowing that I’m helping people capture moments in ways that they would not have been able to on their own.” Miggins photographs families, children, pets, you name it!

As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Only few are blessed enough to do what they love and make profit from it. “It never feels like “work” to me, it always feels like getting paid for something I have fun doing, and who doesn’t want to feel like that!?” She also loves being in charge of her own schedule, a definite perk that comes with being a business owner. She has been able to service clients, while challenging herself and perfecting her craft.

Kandace is making great strides in her career to make sure what she is doing now is sustainable for her future. For that, we celebrate her! She is constantly challenging herself and moving forward in her career! She is the prime example of taking what you love, and using it to bring joy to not only yorself but others as well. You can find out more about her, or even book her by following her on or!






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