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30 Before 30 List

In a few short months, God willing I will celebrate my 26th birthday. In four short years I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. That is definitely a hard pill to swallow. But, I have an intricate plot of how to make the most of these next four years. I have made a list of things I want to accomplish before my “Dirty 30.”



  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

2. Detroit- Visit the famous Motown Musuem

3. Memphis- Beale Street

4. California-Disneyland 

5. Myrtle Beach South Carolina



6. Learn a new language

7. Get a Master’s

8. Learn to contour my face

9. Learn to crochet

10. Learn to knit

11. Read one new book each month

12. Learn to roller skate backwards

13. Learn a musical instrument

14. Work on my photography skills 



16. Pay off my student loans

17. Start a family

18. Buy a house

19. Pay off credit card debt

Go, See, Do 

20. Go to the Ellen Show 

21. Go wine tasting

22. Visit an art show or gallery

23. See a fashion show

24. Go Sky Diving

25. Go Ziplining

26. See R. Kelly in concert



27. Find a writing job/ career

28. Publish more books

29. Continue to grow Miss Ashley’s Anecdotes 

30. Become fully financially stable

Well, that’s all folks! Let me know in the comments about your 30 Before 30 plans!


7 thoughts on “30 Before 30 List

  1. WOW!!!!!! These are some serious, but seriously wonderful aspirations for your next four years!!!

    So funny – you said that turning 30 in 4 years is a hard pill to swallow! Wait till you’re going to be 65 “next month”! Pretty weird! And yet the alternative isn’t so good, (dying!), so I am just thankful and happy to be here!!!

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