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5 Chicago Summer Date Ideas

As you can tell from my past couple of posts, I am obviously ready to tackle this summer!¬†I wrote about some interesting things to do around Chicago, but now let’s get down to date night/day. There is nothing better to me than getting out, and enjoying the sunshine with my “Babycakes.” ¬†These dates are sure to get you out and moving and spending little to no money, while spending time and enjoying your significant others company. Enjoy!

  1. Picnic: Grab a sandwich, a blanket, and find a good spot to sit and soak up some sun. One of my personal favorite spots for a picnic is near the Adler Planetarium. There is a perfect view of the City of Chicago that is beautiful at dusk.
  2. Beach: Heading to the beach is a relaxing way to cool off from the summer heat. My go to beach is Ohio Street beach. Chicago is filled with beaches. Although there are no palm tress, you are still guaranteed to have a good time. You can find them here

3. Waterpark: You are never too old to go down a water slide. Waterparks have always been one of my favorite summer activities, not only do I get a change to get on water rides, but the concession stands are usually bomb!

4. Rooftop Bars: I first really got into rooftop bars last summer. They are a great way to have a drink and still enjoy the summer ambiance. There are countless rooftop bars in the city, you can find them here,   

5. Fireworks: Fireworks are a must see for me every summer, and not only on the Fourth of July. Many local towns have fireworks displays throughout the summer. Even better, Navy Pier has several displays as well. You can find the info here,

And for good measure, I’ll throw in an extra one! The Chicago Botanic Garden¬†is a beautiful place to stroll and enjoy nature. Its the perfect backdrop to create beautiful memories and pictures!¬†Happy dating & let me know in the comments about your ideal summer dates!

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