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Hello June😎

Well ladies and gents, we have officially made it to June. The year seems to be flying by! I feel like I was just writing New Year, New Me In that post I talked about goal setting, not only for the new year, but for every single day you wake up!

 My goals are coming along quite nice. In the past 6 months I bought a car, have been persistent with my blog, and learning new things to improve my writing as a whole! Although a couple of things I really wanted fell through, I’ve been able to pick myself up, dust off and keep going. Having prolonged pity parties is no longer an option for me, even though they are sometimes very inviting. Sometimes it is so easy to lay down and wallow in agony. But, the more satisfying feeling is conquering what you thought you couldn’t. I am no where near done with this year. I have a list of 3 more major goals that I am working on, and once I conquer them I can’t wait to tell you about them.

But enough about me, what about you? I am appointing myself as your accountability partner. What were your long and short-term goals for the year? What have you done to reach them? Have you reached them yet? If you have not, are you still working toward it?  Since we are at the halfway mark of the year, we have to make it a priority to not give up and keep pushing toward those goals. Don’t let your aspirations fall by the wayside, this is the year of accomplishment. So keep a planner, use your phone calendar, and stay organized! There are even goal setting and planning apps! Make the most out of each day. When you wake up try to have in your mind what you want accomplished by the time you go to bed. Remember, all talk and no action is not always successful! Faith without works is dead!

All goals and plans do not always go perfect. In that case, rework your plan, and re execute. Don’t lose sight of your end goal. You may have to detour but as long as your destination is the same it will be worth it. One of my favorite sayings is “Setbacks are setups for comebacks.” So whatever it is keep going, I’m sending you nothing but positive vibes in all your ideas and endeavors!

Let me know in the comments what your goals are and what you are up to! Speak it into existence!

6 thoughts on “Hello June😎

  1. My goals are to build myself up to the level I always want, I want to learn to sew, I want to learn a new language and most importantly I want to learn to be a builder of confidence not a destroyer of spirits

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  2. My goals for June have a lot to do with my non profit org and my blog, getting them to sync, learning how to become a brand but also keep some sort of humanness (is that a word?) About me. I want to be able to relate to and interact with my followers! Great post, I’m working on my June Goals post as we speak

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