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Netflix & Chill🍿

Even though the winter months are now behind us, that does not mean it’s time to abandon our beloved Netflix accounts. Over the past 5 years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Netflix. I love it because there is always a random low-budget movie to keep my attention yet I hate it because usually when I’m looking for a specific movie or show, I get the “Order DVD message.” 🤦🏾‍♀️ But, somehow I manage to keep a full list of shows and movies I want to watch. Here are my most recent watches! Enjoy!

“13 Reasons Why” 

This series took me though various emotions. In short the series follows the story of Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and leaves 13 cassette tapes behind, detailing the events that led up to her decision to end her own life. Baker, along with the others whom she blames for her death are high school students plus one unsuspecting culprit. Overall, I felt I could not necessarily relate to Hannah and her high school experience, which I contribute to cultural differences and experiences. But, I could relate to her pain and hurt. The series will have you saying “That’s not that serious”, or even “What’s wrong with her?” But, at the end it will all come together, which makes it well worth the watch.

“Dear White People”

This show has exceeded my expectations. It follows Samantha and her African-American friends who are students at an ivy league predominately Caucasian college. The show is a spin-off from the movie Dear White People. The first episode is almost identical to the movie, which sets up the season perfectly and eases the viewer into the lives of these students. This series is spot-on when it comes to the experiences of an African-American student on a predominately white campus. Through Samantha’s campus radio show Dear White People, she tackles racism on her campus. This series is very raw and truthful. Im glad the initial backlash Netflix received when this series was announced did not deter them from releasing it. Netflix, you are the real MVP.

“Lucas Brothers on Drugs” 

 You may remember these twins from “22 Jump Street”. I had no idea they were stand-up comics, but after watching this special I understood why, they are hilarious. The way they play off of each other to deliver their jokes is a unique approach that makes the jokes that much funnier. They discuss present day topics as well as popular past topics. If you need a laugh after a long day, put this on I guarantee you will get that laugh you need.


As I mentioned earlier, I love random Netflix movies. Scrolling through the pre-prepared suggestions, I came across Deuces. The cast itself is what drew me to this movie, Larenz Tate, Lance Gross, and Rotimi were enough for me to click play 😍. So much #BlackMagic in one movie! The film also featured Megan Good, rapper Sia, and more familiar faces we love. The film follows Deuce played by Larenz Tate, a drug dealer who is trying to turn his life around. The ending had a great twist that I did not see coming!

Let me know some of the shows or movies you are currently streaming in the comments!

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