Latest Listens

Latest Listens

This edition of Latest Listens is jam-packed. So much music has been released within the  past month, that I’ve been having a hard time keeping up! But here we go!

Kendrick Lamar- DAMN.: Top Tracks: HUMBLE.LOYALTY.FEAR. 

Kendrick did not disappoint! Every Kendrick album thus far has been filled with classics from beginning to end, and this was no different. I listened to the album 3 times straight through and each time got something different from it. The thing that makes this album so great, is the complexity. You can feel that he really poured his heart and soul into this work of art. Artists features include Rihanna, U2, and Zachary.

Notable Quote: ” I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop
Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor
Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks”-HUMBLE.

Joey Bada$$- All Amerikkkan Bada$$: Top Tracks: Good Morning AmerikkkaY U DON’T LOVE ME (MISS AMERIKKKA)BABYLON

This politically conscious album left me somewhat speechless. It had the cool vibes that we are used to hearing from Joey Bada$$ but the lyrics were actually quite touching. He hit on so many current social issues such as police brutality, and racism. It’s was even a big risk to spell America with 3 K’s. It’s always refreshing to listen to rap that has more substance than talking about strippers, money and cars. So for that, salute to Joey Bada$$.

Notable Quote: “I know the end is near, but I just don’t know when
Turn on to CNN, look at what I see again
It’s another black man, died at the white hand of justice
To tell the truth, man, I’m fuckin’ disgusted
I fear for the lives, for my sisters, my brothers
Less fortunate than I, let’s formulate a plan” -BABYLON.

Rick Ross- Rather You Than Me: Top Tracks: Santorini GreeceI Think She Like MeScientology

Although it took me some time to listen to the whole album, Rather You Than Me has turned out to be one of the best Rick Ross albums in my opinion. It’s no Teflon Don, but it has some hits. Of course there are the usual features from MMG members Wale and Meek Mill, but also Young Thug, Jeezy, Future, and more.

Notable Quote: “The bank account done caught the holy ghost, 
I say the bank account done caught the holy ghost!”- Santorini Greece 

Drake- More Life: Top Tracks: PortlandTeenage FeverNothings Into Somethings

Unfortunately I was not really impressed with Drake’s album. I was looking forward to it because I was not too impressed with Views either. There are some hits but also some misses. I’m not really on board with this island sound he is shooting for. It was cool for One Dance and Controlla, but songs like Madiba Riddim, I don’t feel they are good for Drake.

Notable Quote: “Told me I’m lookin’ exhausted
You hit it right on the nose
I’m tired of all of these n*ggas
I’m tired of all of these hoes” -Free Smoke

Mack Wilds- AfterHours: Top Tracks: Bonnie & ClydeObsession Stingy  

This was a random download for me and ended up being well worth it. I have never really noticed Mack Wilds as a musical artist, but when I saw the release on DatPiff, I figured why not? The song that I started with was Bonnie and Clyde, I chose to listen to this first because Wale was featured. I loved the song instantly. I listened to a couple more and quickly realized why it’s named AfterHours. Loved this sexy album.

Honorable Mentions: GoldLink and Kodak Black both dropped projects that are definitely worth the listen. Until next time, happy listening! Let me know what’s on your current playlist in the comments below!

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