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Angry. Black. Woman.

Angry.Black.Woman. Out of all the stereotypes that are given to African-Americans, women, and black women, “angry black women” is the one that makes my blood boil. I’m sure we have all heard the term and even thought of a specific woman as soon as you saw the title of this post. This stereotype is portrayed in all outlets of media constantly. Black women are often portrayed as having attitudes, loud, disrespectful, eye-rolling, neck-rolling, finger-pointing individuals. But why are these connotations acceptable.

It becomes a daunting task trying to keep emotions in tact to not be seen as the “angry black woman.” It makes it feel as though we are only allowed to smile and be happy or we are proving the stereotype right. This is a terrible feeling because like everyone else in the world, black women not only get angry, but sad, depressed, anxious, and much more. So must we be forced to ignore these emotions just to make other people feel more comfortable? When is it ok to stop the facade and let our emotions out without the look of, “I knew it, she’s just like the rest of them.” It is unfortunate that many black women have to search for validation to feel a certain way. This thought process is the exact reason why so many black women go through life with bottled up feelings, or get written off when they may be dealing with real life hurdles.

So, next time you see a black woman who you think may be angry or has an attitude”, stop and ask her how her day is going, say something to make her smile, let her know above all she is validated to feel any way she wants at any given moment without judgement.

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