Guilty Pleasure.


For at least the past six years, every Monday I sit down and watch none other than, Love & Hip Hop. Since the very first season, when Chrissy fought Kimbella for publicly admitting to Emily that she slept with her man, I’ve been hooked. Their juicy drama, fights, gossip, and pettiness used to make me laugh until I cried tears.

My favorite episodes and season are hands down the Atlanta cast. But, the older I get the more I question why I watch and support this show. Now, as a full-time graduate student, and a full-time worker, when I come home I want to hear silence. It’s hard for me to watch the show now without cringing a bit with all of their bickering, arguing, and cheating. I now realize not only African-Americans watch this show. These fights, and unruly behavior feeds into the negative stereotypes that many people already have of African Americans. This show has been catapulted to the point now where there is barely an off-season. So many cast members and cities have been added on. But, at times the fighting, arguing, and pettiness, is honestly a disgrace. It is unfortunate that these are the images that other races have of us. Even more unfortunate, these are the images that stick with people.

With the show constantly gaining popularity and success, it also has me wondering if the show is even real. In the first season the scenes seemed raw, real, uncut, and uncoached. Now, the scenes are polished, the storylines are questionable, and the cast members carry on their “beefs” on social media. So is this “reality” show “reality”? Do these people really not like one another? Or are they playing us all and laughing their way to the bank 🤔 All these aspects have made the show way less enjoyable for me lately.

Let me know some of your guilty pleasures, or favorite reality shows in the comments below!

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