Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair Journey Update (2 Years)

I can’t believe I’ve made it 2 years without getting a perm! Within these past two years I have taken time to experiment with my hair. I’ve done everything from a pixie cut, a sew-in, braids, hair dye, and hair rinse. But nothing beats the fresh feeling of a wash-n-go. My hair has grown tremendously. I have reached the length I was at before my big chop. Not only that, my hair is much thicker and way healthier.


For the past few months though, I have kept my hair flat ironed. In doing this, I created a matter of convince for myself, but at the same time lost some of my curl pattern..booo! It just got to the point where I was so tired of having to spend 30 plus minutes twisting my hair before bed each night. My two biggest enemies thus far have become heat styling tools and hair dye. So, naturals be aware of heat damage and color damage!

My wash routine now includes a few different products. I still find it hard to find what works for me, and then sticking to it. It seems like everybody has natural hair products now. I have been trying my hardest to not become a product junkie! So here’s what I’ve been using…

Shampoo: OGX Shea Soft & Smooth Shampoo: I love this brand and their different products. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling and smelling heavenly with every wash.

Conditioner: Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Replenishing Conditioner: This conditioner leaves my hair soft and fluffy!

Moisturizer: Cantu Daily Conditioner This moisturizer does the trick without making hair too greasy or too limp.

Oil: Coconut Oil (Of Course!), Castor Oil

Remember ladies, LOVE your NATURAL HAIR, it’s what makes you, you! Let’s teach our little ones that hair enhancements are cool, but still love and take care of what God gave you!


Let me know in the comments below your wash day routine, or the products you love!


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