Latest Listens

Latest Listens (March 2017)

This week in music, the biggest talk has been Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj. Although at this point with Nicki’s silence, it seems more like Remy vs. Remy. SHEther was one of the most disrespectful rap diss’s that the industry has had in a while. Remy came for Nicki’s entire existence. Everything from her personal love life, to her often speculated body enhancements were attacked. While I have taken neither side, I’m interested to see if Nicki will ever respond, or flip her hair and keep making money.

Syd-Fin: Many of you may not realize you already know who Syd is. She is the lead singer for the group, The Internet. I love that she has taken her smooth sultry voice and made an entire album! She has few features on the album, but honestly, she doesn’t need them. So put this album on sit back and chill. Fave Tracks: Smile MoreKnow

Big Sean-I Decided. Big Sean has been one of my favorite rappers for a while now, I feel I’m a bit biased. But this album was bomb! It lived up to my expectations of a Big Sean album, and I was not disappointed. Big Sean has features from Eminem, Jhene Aiko 😍, Jeremih, and more. Fave Tracks: Sacrifices, No Favors, Same Time Pt.1   

Migos-Culture: After several suggestions from friends, I listened to the Migos album. Their music is straight party/ turn up music. It gets me hype and ready to go out. They have features from Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi, DJ Khaled and more.  Fave Tracks- T-Shirt, Bad and BoujeeKelly Price

Future-Future/HNDRXX: I ended up liking HNDRXX way more than Future. On the Future album I really liked Mask Off. He had minimal features between the two albums. Fave tracks from HNDRXX are Lookin Exotic, Hallucinating

Extra: Check out these books…”Vengence by Zane” and “Don’t be a Wife to a Boyfriend by Shonda White”  

Let me know in the comments below your latest listens and loves!

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