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Kanye Albums (Best to Worst List)

In light of J.Cole’s song False Prophets and COMPLEX’s Kanye West Albums Worst to Best  list, I decided to create my own Kanye Best to Worst list. I almost completely disagreed with the Complex list. No matter what Kanye does or says in the media, you can not take away the fact that he’s a talented music artist. You have to be able to draw the line between artist and person.  But still be able to value their craft and realize, they are human. Too often, people idolize and put artists on an unrealistic pedestal, and are disappointed when that artists does or says something they don’t agree with. I have always separated Ye the person and Ye the artist. His innovative yet sometimes cocky demeanor are what many have come to love and at the same time hate about him.


Anyone that knows me, knows I am a Kanye music fan, no matter what.  I will not be including his collaborative albums, just straight Kanye West.

1.Late Registration (2005): Top 3 tracks: AddictionLateCelebration 


I was only a 13-year-old 8th grader when this cd came out, but I listened to it on the bus on my way to school every morning. I fell in love with the beats, and samples, which became a signature for Kanye. This album featured artists such as Jamie Foxx and Lupe Fiasco.

2.College Dropout (2004): Top 3 tracks: SpaceshipAll Falls DownGet Em High


I remember watching the Through the Wire video, and thinking “Wow he put Harold’s in his video, that’s dope.” Wearing a pink polo, and a Louie Vuitton backpack, Kanye burst onto the scene and immediately starting giving us hit after hit. The skits on this album were just as entertaining as the actual songs. It included artists such as Mos Def, GLC, Ludacris and more.

3.Yeezus (2013): Top 3 tracks: Bound 2Blood on the LeavesOn Sight


This one took a few listens to really grow on me, but ultimately became one of my favorites. It wasn’t the typical Kanye sound that I was used to, but the new sound captivated me. I honestly love the whole album, it was very hard to narrow it down to 3 tracks.

4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010): Top 3 Tracks: Devil in a New DressBlame GameHell of a Life 


I remember the first time I heard the end of Blame Game, I was in tears from laughing so hard. This album had features from artists such as Rick Ross, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and more. The visual that he released for the album was thought-provoking and unique.

5.Life of Pablo (2016): Top 3 tracks: FadeFather I Stretch My Hands Pt. 1No More Parties in LA 


Seeing this album performed live in October, was an amazing experience. Features include Charlie Wilson, Kendrick Lamar and more. The video for Fade, featuring Teyana Taylor gave me body goals out of this world! Most memorable from this albums is definitely “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? I made that b**** famous.” 😳

6.Graduation (2007): Top 3 Tracks: Good MorningFlashing LightsGood Life

I got this album for my 16th birthday! Featured on this album are Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Mos Def and more. Can’t Me Tell Nothing still gets me hype whenever I hear it.


7. 808’s & Heartbreak (2008): Top 3 tracks: AmazingParanoidSay You Will

Although this is my least favorite Kanye work, it has some great songs on it. No matter how many times I try to listen to the album as a whole, I end up turning it off.


Let me know your favorite Kanye albums, songs, beats, moments and features in the comments below! Until next time, peace and love!


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