You Are What You Eat

In an effort to eat healthier, for the past year I have eliminated red meat from my diet, and reduced the amount of pork and chicken I eat. I also drastically increased the amount of water I drink. For the most part, I only eat sausage when it is mixed into a dish such as jambalaya, and the same with chicken. To supplement, I have began to eat shrimp, and more veggies like celery. “When you eat good, you feel good.” I heard the saying many times, but I didn’t realize it was true until I starting trying to clean up my eating habits. I haven’t quite worked up to the working out portion of this journey, but I’ll get there eventually!

This year my goal is to stop eating as much fast food and decrease my alcohol intake. While this will help in overall heath, I know it will especially help in physical health. Limiting fast food will also help save money, always a plus. Often times after a fast food meal, I noticed I would feel sluggish or sleepy. After home cooked meals, I feel reenergized. While fast food is convenient, quick, and sometimes cheap, it is not the healthiest choice. Pinterest has become my go-to website to find new and interesting meals to try.  These few recipes have become my favorites thus far, are quick to make,  and require minimal ingredients.

  1. Jambalaya Pasta: Recipe
  2. Cajun Chicken & Rice: Recipe
  3. Spicy Chicken 3 Cheese Tortellini: Recipe

Happy cooking and eating! If you have any recipes or strategies you enjoy, put them in the comments below!

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