New Year, New Me?

2017! A new year to most is the signal of a fresh start, an opportunity to reevaluate and make life changes. Although most people struggle keeping these changes going throughout the whole year, its not uncommon for most to use the phrase “new year, new me.” While I fully understand what this phrase means, I feel it’s more or less a pointless declaration. Simply for the fact that you shouldn’t need a new year to start improving yourself or realizing what areas of your life need growth. This should be done on a constant basis throughout the year! There is no better time than now to look at yourself and reexamine. Everyday you wake up, becomes your reset button to try to change something you didn’t like from the previous day. Each new day is a blessing to go out and conquer even more than you did the day before!

So don’t wait until December 31st to put a bunch of unrealistic expectations on yourself that will probably last a week, instead make a list of attainable goals. Construct a list of things that you want, that you know you can work toward. Having these goals visible to you will keep you motivated not only in the beginning of the new year but all the way to the following year.That being said Happy New Year! & Cheers to progress!