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Spotlight Series: Antonio King


Chicago native and Western Illinois University graduate, Antonio King has launched Outta Sight Clothing Company. This company offers a variety of graphic tees and looking to add on even more.

Antonio started his company on November 24, 2016. But, his love for creativity began way before then. The 27- year-old Northsider began working with graphic design and logos at the beginning of his high school career. King says, “I’ve lost so many good and bad designs over the years but it has been a fun ride.”

Not only does he have an online store, but he hopes that his brand can become apart of the community to support and uplift the youth. Although Antonio keeps busy with his designing, he still finds time for some of his other loves such as spending time with his family, girlfriend, playing basketball, and playing 2k17.

He gives his family a lot of credit of being one of his biggest influences. He is the second of 7 children. “They’re always straight shooters, I can rely on them when i’m working on a project and need an opinion. They offer brutal honesty. We are all trying to accomplish greatness in our own way, that pushes me incredibly hard to stay awake until the early mornings and working on my brand. Whether it’s creating a design, or marketing strategies: they keep me going. I’m grateful for their support.”

King feels college gave him the preparation and skill set to gain longevity in the business. He is fearless when it comes to making mistakes, instead he sees mistakes as learning opportunities and ways to improve on his skill. King has a great drive to succeed, with such a great source of support there is nothing stopping him. You can find Antonio’s Outta Sight Clothing at and like him on Facebook at