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Spotlight Series: Alicia Nolen

For the first of my young entrepreneurs spotlight series, we have Alicia Nolen. This 23-year-old Riverdale, Illinois native has recently started the business “Aspirations Apparel.”  she was looking to make something suitable for men and women alike. “I wanted to create something simple and positive; but also affordable.” Since the kickoff of the company on Thanksgiving 2016, there has been quite a buzz.

Alicia has always been very artsy. Not only does she do graphic design but she was a dancer for the Sankofa Dance Troupe, and a percussionist throughout elementary and high school. She even created her own MySpace and Tagged layouts back in the day! While most of us were scrolling through websites trying to pick the perfect one, she made her own perfect layout. “I’ve always been an extremely creative person, but was too shy to actually pursue my aspirations.”  She double majored in Computer Graphic Design with a track in Print Media and Public Relations & Marketing with a track in Business Marketing while a student at Ashford university. With such a strong background, Alicia is destined for success. She also runs a graphic design business, Nolen Designs. With this she creates logos, business cards, websites, and more.

“What’s stopping me?” That’s what Alicia uses for motivation. With solid education, and a good following thus far, there is nothing stopping her. She possess the drive and motivation and is striving for greatness. She is very family oriented, stating her mom, grandmother, and dad as her biggest influences to succeed.

“In time, and once I am a little more active in the world, I plan on putting on or sponsoring events targeting school children or at risk youth, where I can donate items in need or have a drive, not just the clothing. Thankfully, I have made amazing college friends who are actively working in various communities with the at risk youth and in the school system. I want the apparel in part to show unity and uplifting of one another. Something different from all of the other small clothing and hat businesses. I want to make a difference. I know that things take time and I can be a bit ahead of myself. But nothing comes to the one who plays it safe, its okay to be a risk taker. Going for it with all of my faith and pride is the only way I know how. Its gotten me this far and I am doing great!”

With that being said, let’s support Alica Nolen and her visionary business, Aspiration Apparel. It is not just another business, yet a business with a purpose, vision, and long-term goal. Cheers to you Alicia Nolen! You can find her merchandise at and like her on Facebook at