5 Things for Millennials to Remember

Millennials often have a bad connotation. We are the age group that was fortunate enough to grow up while technology advanced in front of our eyes, but unfortunate enough that many went to 4 year universities and can’t find good jobs. With student loans, rent, and countless bills it is so easy to get discouraged and even depressed. But, remember these few things when you start to feel down…

  1. Your hard work is not in vain: Keep pushing and you can achieve whatever it is you are working toward.
  2. Don’t get discouraged: If you can’t get that job you want, start working on your own to create the job you want in your free time. Do not give up on your dreams.
  3. You ARE good enough: self-explanatory.
  4. Live everyday like it’s your last: Life is promised to no one, anything can happen to anyone at any moment.
  5. PUT THE PHONE DOWN AND ENJOY LIFE!: So many of us get wrapped up in our phones, but  so much can be missed with your face stuck in a phone screen.