“Black Girl Magic?”

“What is that?”

It means we black girls are not hoodrats

No, we are not bitches and hoes

but women who can help bring you from your lowest of lows

Generations of women who pull through

Even when they’re feeling blue

Yes, it’s a fairly new term

But, it means more than not having a perm

More than being 75 years old and looking 30

Because let’s be honest, we all know

“Black don’t crack”

It means having strength and pride

In a world that tell us we need to hide

It means having courage and standing tall

when circumstances are pushing you to fall

Or having that little extra flair

and having people stare and glare

Just from walking into a room

But more than anything being true,

speaking up and having a voice and a choice

So next time a situation is tragic or theres some strife in your life

just remember how special you are and pull out your #BlackGirlMagic

May 2016