Lippie Lust

Lipstick has definitely become my guilty pleasure. Lipstick can make or break any outfit. It can also lighten any mood I’m in. I admit that spend way too much time looking to find new brands and colors. For those reasons, I am going to review my current top 3 choices. They vary in brand as well as price.

  1. Maybeline Color Elixir “Vision in Violet” CVS $6: After searching for the perfect purple gloss for months, I finally found it in CVS. This liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and lasts for hours. It has quite a overbearing smell at first but it quickly dies down. The price is very reasonable.


    2. Milani “Teddy Bare” WalMart $5: Having brown skin can make it very hard to find a nude lippie that does not make lips look chapped or chalky. Like most Milani lippies, this one does just the opposite. With a great floral scent, it moisturizes lips and keeps them soft. This nude color goes great with my skin, and it is great for a natural everyday look.
It looks great alone but I sometimes add a clear gloss over it for a little shine.


3. MAC “Heroine” MAC $17: The most expensive of the bunch, but is also well worth the money. This lipstick is matte, but does not make lips feel dry or like they are screaming for help! I have yet to see one skin tone that this color looks bad on. MAC worked wonders with this purplish color. There is no scent to this lippie, just vibrant color that lasts until you decide to scrub it off.