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January 19

Being that many, including myself are headed into a three day weekend, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. I found it fitting to make my first blog a quick reflection of past times as well a look at today.

A couple weeks ago I saw one of the greatest movies I have ever seen, Selma. Not only was the movie well casted, but very historically accurate. The movie honestly gave me goosebumps at certain points. To watch accounts of the violence many blacks endured just to gain a right that many blacks don’t even utilize today; the right to vote was heartbreaking.

In the film there was a line where the MLK character stated something to the effect of black men being killed by white men and because black men cant vote there are all white juries who do not convict the white killers. That was a thought provoking moment because sadly, this still occurs.

So the question becomes how far have we really come and how much farther and longer do we need to go.